• 1. Account

    Each player can only have one account. It is allowed for someone to replace you during the game by logging into yours account. But by providing access data to your account, you may lose them. While someone is replacing you, no this person can send you attacks. However, it can build units as well as new buildings. It can also run away fleet from attacks (fleetsave). Detecting two accounts on the same ip will result in a ban, so if you ask to replace another player, inform the administration in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

  • 2. Account surrogate

    Before someone replaces you during the game, you should inform the admin about it, giving the time of the replacement, but not should exceed 24h, otherwise, if your absence is longer, it is recommended Activate the Vacation mode in the options panel.

  • 3. Pushing

    It is not allowed under any circumstances, pushing includes:
    - attacking the player with a weaker fleet (repeated often in a short period of time), and then collecting scrap,
    - trade not sticking to the set exchange rate, any attempts to transfer raw materials through the weaker account to the strong one.
    Detection of such action will result in fleet reversal/suspension, warning and/or ban.

  • 4. Bashing

    You cannot attack one planet more than 6 times in 24 hours!

    In the event of war, prior to its commencement, the terms of the war must be agreed between the administration and alliance leaders.

  • 5. Rocket attack

    For 24 hours, you can attack one planet a maximum of 1,000 rockets.

  • 6. Bugusing

    Using the found bug in any way is strictly prohibited. Any bug should be reported immediately report! Otherwise, you risk getting banned. Small gifts are provided for reporting serious errors affecting gameplay.

  • 7. The language in the game

    The official language throughout the game is Polish. However, you can use an additional English language if there is such a need.

  • 8. Bots

    Using bots, scripts, macros, clickers, Indian IT specialists and other strange aids game automation is strictly forbidden.

  • 9. Out of the game

    Remember, it's just a game, bringing emotions into the real world, be it via chat or forum, whatever threats, name-calling, etc .. etc ... is not allowed. Culture first of all, don't spoil the fun for others rude behavior!

  • 10. Spam

    Spamming is forbidden in what form, for example:
    - chat
    - forum
    - private messages
    Someone is spamming you, let the admin know or send a ticket!

  • 11. Contact

    If you want to contact the administration, you can use the Discord channels or the Help Technical in the game.

  • 12. Trade

    Trading between players must begin within an hour of the departure of the first ship from resources to the other player (when player A sends a ship with resources, player B has one hour to return the resources in accordance with the generally accepted conversion factor of 3:2:1) Any attempt to divert, deceive or do anything to a dick that will be detected in the logs will result in a ban.

  • 13. Administration

    The administration is usually right, insulting the administration will result in a ban. If you have suggestions regarding changes, write them in a form that will be clear and understandable. Remember it's small the design and pouring of the cesspool on the people making it up will not help anything.